Builders of Ethical

Consumer Brands

Bansk believes enhanced environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) management builds better businesses for the long run and can drive significant value creation.

It strengthens consumer interest in and loyalty for the brands in our portfolio and as a result, creates stronger, more sustainable businesses. As such, Bansk is committed to developing policies that are aligned with industry best practices. We work together with the management teams of our portfolio companies to identify ESG priorities, agree on concrete objectives, and set appropriate KPIs to measure progress.

Bansk has developed an ESG policy informed by industry frameworks such as the American Investment Council’s Guidelines for Responsible Investing. We describe our approach to building better businesses in terms of the following five areas that we refer to as "The Five Goods".
Good for Consumers

Deliver a better consumer experience. Best-in-class product experiences, through the use of safer ingredients for human health, are foundational to our efforts to build better businesses.

Good for the Planet

Adopt more sustainable practices that minimize each business’ impact on the environment. Responsible business practices and increased transparency across the product lifecycle, including in ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution, are competitive advantages that build a strong consumer base, especially among younger target audiences.

Good Working Conditions

Cultivate a safe and diverse working environment. Embracing the highest standards of employee safety, and diversity develops an engaged and productive workforce, attracts the best talent, creates a collaborative environment, and improves innovation.

Bansk Group is a signatory to Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) Diversity in Action and supports diversity in the Private Equity space. Read our Diversity statement here.

Good Governance

Ensure compliance with ethics, laws, and regulations. Setting standards for ethical behavior and compliance reduces the risk of regulatory action and strengthens trust with consumers and employees.

Good Corporate Social Responsibility

Implement initiatives for the business to give back to the community. Initiatives embedded in the brand proposition can deliver on brand purpose, strengthen brand equity, and increase consumer loyalty.

ESG plays a central role in our investment process and business partnerships.

We believe ESG initiatives are critical to building better businesses for the future. Driving a proactive approach to ESG enables us to deliver sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.

David PoulterSenior Advisor