Builders of Enduring

Consumer Brands

We don’t just make investments – we build leading platforms that have a lasting impact.

Our extensive experience as both investors and operators has led us to develop deep knowledge, a robust network, and invaluable resources that enable us to execute on our value creation philosophy.

Our Value Creation Philosophy

Our team has developed Bansk’s value creation playbook over three decades of investing and operating in the consumer industry. We partner with management teams to craft tailored plans for each brand, with a focus on the long-term health and success of the business.

Our model actively pursues outsized organic growth by optimizing businesses across six key elements in our playbook, feeding a virtuous cycle that creates category leaders. This model has consistently built multi-billion-dollar, global consumer businesses and driven attractive, market leading returns.

Value creation is at the center of the Bansk model, and our philosophy has been refined over multiple decades and dozens of successful investments.

This approach creates a virtuous cycle of growth and profitability that yields healthy outperformance over the long term. We believe value creation requires relentless focus on the actions that really matter to generate repeatable, market-beating results.

Brian O’ConnorSenior Partner & Chief Investment Officer