Bansk Group Publishes Inaugural Impact Report

Highlights Firm's Value Creation Philosophy, Distinctive “Five Goods” ESG Framework and Portfolio-Level ESG Progress

“Five Goods” Approach Helps Strengthen Brands, Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Positively Contribute to Communities Across Portfolio Companies
NEW YORK, April 02, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Bansk Group ("Bansk"), a consumer-focused private investment firm dedicated to building distinctive consumer brands, today announced the publication of its inaugural Impact Report, which highlights the central role ESG plays in Bansk’s value creation activities and outlines its ESG approach and process, as well as portfolio-level ESG progress and certifications and partnerships achieved.

“As a consumer-focused investor dedicated to building distinctive brands, we are pleased to highlight our commitment to sustainability as a firm and prioritize ESG as one of our core value creation efforts in supporting our portfolio companies,” said Bart Becht, Senior Partner and Chairman of Bansk. “Consumers today, increasingly, want safer, healthier and more sustainable products. Our approach is designed to maximize the potential of the companies and brands we partner with to deliver a better consumer experience and drive brand loyalty.”

Bansk created “The Five Goods” framework to apply material ESG considerations to its portfolio of consumer brands. By applying “The Five Goods” at every step of the investment process – from evaluating potential acquisitions, to strengthening existing portfolio companies and measuring progress – Bansk aims to build stronger, more distinctive brands and enhanced consumer loyalty, driving higher growth and value creation.

In the report, Bansk outlines “The Five Goods” in order of importance, summarizing the key tenants of its core ESG KPIs:
  • Good for the Consumer is about seeking to deliver a better consumer experience through safer and more humane products by looking at issues relating to, for example, product safety and animal testing, where relevant. This is foundational to Bansk’s efforts to build better businesses.
  • Good for the Planet is about seeking to reduce environmental impact (e.g., carbon emissions, pollution and waste), by adopting more sustainable practices in areas such as ingredients and packaging.
  • Good Working Conditions is about prioritizing worker health, safety, diversity and wellbeing. Diverse and supportive organizations can experience improved innovation, creativity and problem-solving, and thus have the potential to thrive and succeed.
  • Good Governance addresses transparency and compliance with ethics, laws and regulations.
  • Good Social Responsibility is about making positive contributions to communities through supporting charities and volunteer efforts.

“Driving a proactive and thoughtful approach to ESG is an important component in building distinctive brands that we believe stand the test of time,” said Mastak Pal Kaur, ESG Director at Bansk. “Our experience tells us that in the CPG space, ESG is an opportunity – and studies show that increasingly consumers care and want products that align with their values. We will continue to work with our partners to seek to innovate and strengthen brands that will better serve customers, while also driving more value – achieving positive outcomes for all.”

The full report is available on Bansk’s website here.

About Bansk Group Founded in 2019, Bansk Group is a New York-based private investment firm focused on investing in and building distinctive consumer brands. The firm partners with differentiated brands across four primary consumer categories: beauty & personal care, consumer health, food & beverage, and household products.

Over their careers with Bansk and elsewhere, Bansk's tenured group of investors and operators have been involved in more than $30 billion of equity capital investments across more than 40 transactions with some of the most innovative and well-known consumer companies in the world. With extensive investment experience in the consumer products industry, a global network of relationships, and a tested value creation playbook, Bansk seeks to partner with exceptional founders and management teams to drive outsized organic and acquisitive growth and position brands for enduring long-term success in the evolving consumer landscape.

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