Bansk Group Builds on Sustainability Commitment with Decarbonization Initiatives

Receives Carbon Neutral and Plastic Negative Workplace Certifications for Second Consecutive Year

Partners with Supercritical to Remove More than 70% of Carbon Emissions
New York, December 13, 2023 – Bansk Group (“Bansk”), a consumer-focused private investment firm dedicated to building distinctive consumer packaged goods (“CPG”) brands, today announced several sustainability-focused milestones.

Bansk renewed its carbon neutral certification for the second year designated by, by fully offsetting its carbon footprint through the purchase of traceable, high-quality carbon credits. These credits will help fund the Santa Maria REDD Project, which is conserving more than 71,714 hectares of rich biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest, an area equivalent to the size of the city of New York. The project aims to disseminate the tools necessary to prevent the overexploitation of the forest and its deforestation while pursuing local development.

In addition, Bansk has removed approximately 72% of its carbon emissions in 2022 through the purchase of high-quality carbon removal offsets from Supercritical, a digital platform that conducted a comprehensive analysis of Bansk’s emission scope and offered carbon removal solutions. Bansk chose ‘biochar’ based carbon removal offsets. Biochar is a charcoal-like material that is rich in stable carbon. It not only prevents the release of greenhouse gasses from decomposition of waste into the atmosphere, it also acts as a soil amendment in agriculture and horticulture, which improves yield and reduces the need for fertilisers.

Bansk today also announced renewal of its Plastic Negative Workplace certification from rePurpose Global, the world’s leading Plastic Action Platform for 2022, by offsetting twice as much plastic waste as the firm generated in 2022 at its corporate office in New York.

“We are pleased to receive these certifications from industry-leading third-party accreditors, which further demonstrate Bansk’s commitment to sustainability,” said Bart Becht, Senior Partner and Chairman of Bansk.

“The majority of our impact is at the portfolio level, where we spend most of our ESG efforts. However, these certifications are a way for us to evaluate and manage our firm-level environmental impact.” said Mastak Pal Kaur, ESG Director of Bansk.

Through its investments across consumer packaged goods brands, the Bansk team has prioritized partnering with exceptional brands that have meaningful ESG and sustainability initiatives. Among its recent investments, Bansk has partnered with haircare brands amika and Eva NYC, which achieved B Corporation (“B-Corp”) certification in 2022 and are Climate Neutral certified.

About Bansk Group Founded in 2019, Bansk Group is a New York-based private investment firm focused on investing in and building distinctive consumer brands. The firm partners with differentiated brands across four primary consumer categories: beauty & personal care, consumer health, food & beverage, and household products.

Over their careers with Bansk and elsewhere, Bansk’s tenured group of investors and operators have been involved in more than $30 billion of equity capital investments across more than 40 transactions with some of the most innovative and well-known consumer companies in the world. With extensive investment experience in the consumer products industry, a global network of relationships, and a tested value creation playbook, Bansk seeks to partner with exceptional founders and management teams to drive outsized organic and acquisitive growth and position brands for enduring long-term success in the evolving consumer landscape.

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