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Consumer Brands

Within each of our core focus areas – household products, beauty & personal care, consumer health, and food & beverage – we actively study the category, evolving consumer preferences, and the competitive landscape.

Our extensive historical experience combined with these proactive studies have led us to ascertain enduring themes and differentiated insights, which enable us to identify distinctive brands that we can partner with to drive outsized growth and value creation.

Household Products

Healthy Home Good hygiene is a critical focus as consumers look to ensure that all aspects of their lives and those of their loved ones are healthy and safe, while the importance of home environments has never been clearer.
Ethical & Sustainable Consumers are increasingly focused on household products that are efficacious yet safe for both people and the planet via cleaner ingredients and sustainable packaging to minimize the environmental impact.
Digital Acceleration More and more consumers are turning to online channels to purchase household products which are often regularly repurchased and lend themselves well to online subscription models.

Beauty & Personal Care

Convergence of Health & Beauty Consumers are progressively turning toward products that are multi-functional – simply enhancing cosmetic appearance is no longer enough, and products that target wellbeing in addition to augmenting external beauty are winning.
Mission-Minded Is Table Stakes Being a ‘clean’ and/or ‘sustainable’ brand has become necessary, but not sufficient to win in the space; brands must first and foremost be efficacious and successfully meet consumers’ needs while having values that align with the modern consumer has become table stakes.
Omnichannel Omnipotence Fast-growing beauty & personal care DTC brands are increasingly seeking to build an omnichannel presence as they recognize retail remains key to success in the space.

Consumer Health

Individual Autonomy Individuals are taking health into their own hands and playing a more proactive role in both their physical and mental health, seeking products that enable them to self medicate in the comfort of their own homes.
Prevention Over Reaction As health becomes increasingly top-of-mind, consumers are looking for ways to enhance their wellbeing on a daily basis and seek products that enable them to proactively prevent potential health complications.
Rise of DTC E-Commerce growth is well outpacing other channels as consumers seek more simple and convenient modes of purchase, particularly as more focus is placed on proactive and preventative measures which require less immediate delivery vs. reactive medication.

Food & Beverage

Responsible Health When it comes to Food & Beverage, consumers are increasingly alert to (i) what is in it, (ii) who made it, and (iii) where and how it was made. Green and ethical brands are taking share from legacy incumbents as consumers increasingly seek out and are willing to pay a premium for brands that have a more positive impact not only on their own health but also the planet’s.
Innovative Forms & Flavors Tastes are continually broadening, with consumers more and more interested in products that present exciting forms, dynamic flavors, and differentiated experiences, whether via innovative packaging, unique flavor combinations, or simply authentic regional cuisines.
Permissible Indulgence As mental health becomes a growing focus, consumers are happy to partake in indulgent foods and beverages that offer much-needed feelings of relief, comfort, and/or happiness, improving overall wellbeing and satisfying wants and needs that merely make us human.
Our thesis-based investing strategy is rooted in a deep understanding of the global CPG landscape.

Every Bansk investment is first incubated in our thematic work where we study the category dynamics, consumer preferences, and competitors to derive differential insights. We then translate those insights into a proactive sourcing strategy.

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